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Metal fume fever. What is it and how to prevent it? ...A variety of other names for this condition is used, such as copper fever, brazier’s disease, welder’s ague, foundry fever, brass chills and spelter shakes. Learn more in our article release.
https://t.co/lz0qSrJqSW #welding

Other than lighting oneself on fire, (and a few other hazards that can ruin your day), this informative read is a must for any welder, of any caliber. https://t.co/HuekrdcskJ

Learn more about emissions creating during the manufacturing weld process and proper ventilation or fume extractor equipment to capture the fume.

Read our full article here: https://t.co/rxREqVTXjt

Construction Links Network News: It’s DraftMax Season – DownDraft Tables for Welding and Fume Extraction - https://t.co/a8ieo5yFwf - @removethefume - #construction #building #architecture #engineer #safety #thursdaythoughts #specialoffer inside the link!

Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) TalentEdge provides funding for current and recent graduate students to work on industry-driven R&D projects. Ontario SMEs that hire qualifying individuals for innovation challenges can...

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