Environmental Policy

Remove The Fume cares about the air you breathe. We supply products, systems, and services to meet our customers’ needs for clean air at work. Moreover, we strive for a clean world and make efforts to prevent or minimize the impact of our products and company activities on the environment.


We meet all the requirements of current legislation and guidelines governing health, safety, and the environment.


Remove The Fume designs high-quality durable and reliable air cleaning products. We do not use hazardous raw materials in our products. We design with easy dismantling in mind and strive to use recyclable materials whenever possible. We are continually looking into ways to improve the energy efficiency of our products and at the same time to minimize the size and weight of our products in order to cut down on the volume of raw materials used and thus reduce our impact on the environment.


We evaluate our suppliers according to environmental performance and work closely with them during product design applying their knowledge to reduce the environmental impact of our products. In our production facilities, we are constantly looking at how to reduce the volume of waste materials and the use of (green) energy. We are looking into how to use less packaging material and how to optimize our supply chain in order to reduce our transport needs.


We also look at how we can reduce the environmental impact of our sales and marketing operations. We have a policy of saving paper by encouraging electronic communications and we encourage the use of green energy in our offices. Furthermore, we schedule our service and maintenance operations efficiently to minimize traveling and aim to develop alternative service concepts with a lower impact on the environment.


Our expertise and genuine commitment to customer requirements enable us to provide our customers with exactly the solutions they need. This not only includes the need for clean air at work but also energy-saving and cost-effective solutions. By offering effective filtration systems we reduce the need to ventilate using fresh air from outside and consequently the need for heating or cooling. We encourage the use of heat exchange solutions in those instances where an outside air supply is necessary. By supplying smart control equipment with our systems we make sure that our products are energy-efficient compared to standard solutions. Our mission is to gain a competitive advantage by offering sophisticated ‘green’ air cleaning technology.


Thanks to our environmental policy we are able to create an organizational culture in which sustainable development presents a positive challenge. We believe this will increase our attractiveness as an employer.


Our goal is to increase environmental awareness in general and improve our image and environmental performance. In order to achieve this we actively communicate our environmental ambitions and results to our employees, suppliers, distributors, customers, and potential customers through our blogging and social media efforts.


To achieve our ambitions, we set up annual organizational and departmental objectives for sustainability and we monitor these with our management reporting system.