welding fumes

Deadly welding fumes can wreak havoc on a welder’s health – from a short-term illness like metal fume fever to something more serious like cancer or death. At the same time, they can also wreak havoc on a business. Failure to account for deadly fumes and their impact on a welder’s health can wind up costing an employer in many ways.

Protecting your employees is not just the right thing to do – it is a smart business move than can pay dividends now and into the future. Let’s take a look.

Invest to improve productivity and employee relations

When the effects of welding fumes impact a welder’s health, the welder is unable to work at their full capacity, if at all. This sets off a chain reaction in your workforce, with others having to pick up the slack or hiring temporary workers to take their place. Overall, this translates into a loss of productivity that can impact your business in the long term.  

If employees feel as though their employers care about their well being, it can lead to greater engagement. A 2014 Gallup survey found that organizations in the top 25% of employee engagement had far fewer safety incidents than companies in the bottom 25%. Another Gallup survey from 2013 noted that organizations that have a high level of engagement report 22% higher productivity. When welders do not have to worry about inhaling welding fumes, they are free to put in more effort and make greater contributions.

Invest to comply with legal and professional standards

A company that does not comply with standards is a poor reflection on the industry overall. Upholding standards like the CSA welding standards is vital to ensuring consistency, the welder’s health, a degree of quality for consumers and more. In addition, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) require employers to provide safe working conditions and take steps to eliminate any present risks. If an employer fails to ensure that their organization is safe, the company could be held liable, tying up the business in court and resulting in legal fees and more.

Invest to strengthen your public image

It takes years to build a reputation and only moments to destroy it. Companies that do not take the safety of its employees seriously are asking for a crisis. Be proactive with your brand and make welder’s health a top priority. In addition to increasing productivity and improving employee relations, it will also reduce employee turnover and assist with recruitment.

Customers may also take notice. A 2013 study by the National Safety Council examined how a company’s safety climate and workplace injury statistics might impact customer satisfaction. Observing 821 employees at a Midwestern electric utility company found that work units that had more employee injuries had more customers who were less satisfied with the service that they received. Researchers concluded that safe working environments might create other benefits that relate to the quality of the work, which may impact customer satisfaction.

Invest to protect your bottom line

Investing in the safety of employees can lead to a stronger, healthier business. Workplace illnesses and injuries cost companies $250 billion each year, between direct costs such as workers’ compensation, medical expenses and legal fees to indirect costs like training replacement employees, investigations and lost productivity. This may be companies’ greatest incentive to take welder’s health and welding fumes seriously. The longevity of your business depends on it.

Deadly fumes and their associated health risks can cause ripple effects in your business – impacting your employees and eventually, your business. Tackle the problem head on by exploring various fume extraction solutions. When welding fumes are captured effectively, it will prevent polluted air from spreading throughout the workplace. Plymovent is a global, leader in the extraction of welding fumes. Its selection of high quality solutions can address the needs and specifications of your business.